Attracting And Retaining Good People – An Ongoing Challenge!

Tips to attract the right people in the right jobs!

In preparation to take on your next employee, you may want to take a fresh look at your strategy for attracting great employees into your business. Ask yourself this crucial question, ‘why would a great employee want to work for your business?’ This should get you thinking about a list of reasons why your best employees continue to stay with you and the reasons they were attracted to working for your company/the role, in the first place. It is vital to sell the ‘benefits’ to interviewees as to why they should want to join you!

Now comes the challenge of being creative! What cost effective ways can you come up with to spread the word about your vacancy without doing ‘same old’ approach!

Read on for 6 ideas to consider, that may help you ‘attract great people’:

1. Tell your suppliers you are hiring and see if they can help signpost people to you

2. Aim to put your ad on your web site and if possible provide download option for role guide/job description.

3. Consider an incentive for staff to recommend friends/family. If they are successful and stay for minimum period (at least 3 months?) then pay out an incentive. It’s a win:win.

4. Understand where do ideal applicants ‘hang out’? Once you know what they read, what networking and industry groups they are associated with, you can be selective and place your ad in the right places. This could be a LinkedIn ad if appropriate to your target audience or an ad in a local shop or sports club, if that is where your potential people frequent.

5. If you have vehicles on the road then consider getting low cost magnetic signs made up saying you are hiring.

6. Whether your business is based on an industrial Estate or a housing estate you can produce fliers to advertise your vacancy and let your ‘neighbours’ know you are hiring. They may know the perfect person!

Finally make sure your whole recruitment process is swift – as great people don’t hang about for long! Quickly respond to applicants with a telephone interview initially. Then respond quickly to invite in those shortlisted and repeat for the shortlisted 2nd interview.

Lastly, stay in regular contact with candidates and be decisive, or another employer may snap them up before you do!