These two one-day workshops are linked together and intended primarily for those with some, but not extensive experience of supervising and managing people or those aspiring to be a future supervisor / manager.

The aims of the workshops are to:

  • Outline for participants the basic principles of effective supervision/management and highlight the skills needed by supervisors/team managers in order to succeed;
  • Explore in more depth some of the critical areas of skill, ie self-management, team leadership, effective communication, promoting and supporting team work, coaching skills and tackling poor performance and motivating and managing difficult people and situations;
  • Provide opportunities for participants to apply good practice principles to different scenarios;
  • Assist participants to translate what they learn from the workshops into their own professional practice;
  • Create a fun, informal and supportive environment in which participants can recognise their strengths, review their experiences and share their concerns but, more importantly, identify strategies that will enable them to supervise and manage people more confidently and effectively.

At the end of the workshops, participants will:

  • Have reflected on their role; assessed their current level of supervisory skill and identified ways in which to improve this;
  • Have explored practical strategies for dealing with situations that challenge their supervisory skill by undertaking and discussing individual and group exercises.

Although the workshops will include some structured input from the workshop leaders about the principles and techniques of effective supervision, much of the time will be given over to individual and small group activities, feedback and discussion.

Rayna has a very friendly approach, she uses effective methods to encourage participants to contribute during workshops, thus enabling them to make the most of the sessions. Her 1-2-1 coaching style is supportive and helpful and she has a genuine interest in her clients’ progress.

Kate McClung

Rayna the Trainer is an excellent management/business/staff trainer. It’s not always easy to quantify all the effects of the training – but I know that since we first employed her our business has at least doubled in size.

We have strategically planned for business growth and aligned our recruitment strategy/resources to this plan. We have learnt to prioritise our time and delegate and communicate even better. We have clearly defined line management roles and developed our line managers. Our people have performance goals to achieve and we manage performance.

Adam Glyde

I attended a supervisory skills course with Rayna last week which covered the range of competencies required by line manager. I really enjoyed the course and feel that I learned a lot from Rayna and from the group as Rayna made sure the course was very collaborative. I will definitely recommend this one to my colleagues so thank you again Rayna!

Nicola Lyne

This is a bespoke session for your team, but here is some popular suggested content for Day 1:

Characterising effective supervision/management

  • Activities, approaches and skills
  • Discussion of self-assessment exercise

Self-management: Effective communication

  • Basic principles
  • Communicating assertively
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Team briefings

Organising the work of the Team

  • Planning, co-ordinating and managing effective delegation

Motivating team members

  • The ‘Motivation Games’

Summary of Day 1

  • Content and format of Day 2
    Learning points from Day 1

Suggested Programme for Day 2

Welcome back

  • Recap on Day 1
  • Content and format of Day 2

The supervisor as leader

  • Leadership vs management
  • Competencies of a ‘good manager’
  • Inspirational Leadership

Team work

  • Practical activity and feedback
  • Defining effective teams/teamwork
  • Techniques for building teams

Managing team performance

  • Dealing with under performance
  • Challenging people and situations

Problem solving planning

  • Problem analysis and action planning

Summary of Day 2

  • Action plans and next steps