Secret Agent bespoke training workshop

Delivered in your workplace or your chosen venue – we regularly travel to our client locations in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and London.  We also travel to our client locations across the UK and Europe.

We offer a range of supervisory and management development workshops that we will run in-house or at the venue of your choice.

Staff Development Workshops

A range of bespoke training workshops from Customer Service Excellence and Communications to Change Management and Essential Employment Law (see below for workshop topic areas).

All of our workshops are packed full of easy to understand and straightforward to implement tools, techniques and tips.

Below are a selection of workshop topic areas and some suggested content we would typically deliver within each area – we pride ourselves on developing tailored training solutions to meet the needs of your company and your staff.


  • Customer Service Training
  • Reception/Telephone skills


  • Presentation Skills Training
  • Leadership / Management
  • Train the Trainer


  • Supervisory / Team Leader Workshops
  • Leadership/Management Skills
  • Coaching Skills For Managers
  • Managing Change
  • Motivating Appraisals / Reviews
  • Effective Recruitment & Selection
  • Handling Difficult People & Situations
  • Effective Priority Management & Delegation


  • Team Building
  • Team Roles
  • Enhancing Work Relationships


Managing change and the impact of change on others can be challenging and stressful but we know change is the one constant!

Suggested core workshop content may include:

  • Managing the process of change and effectively managing your people
  • Impact of change on the individual, your team and your organisation
  • How to communicate change
  • Understanding and overcoming the resistance to change


Customers often tell us, it is not just how you treat them when their experience is a good one, it is how you treat them when things do not go well!

Suggested core workshop content may include:

  • How to proactively and consistently delight your customers
  • Enhance relationships with your external and internal customers
  • How to encourage repeat business and positive word of mouth recommendations


Keeping on top of employment law can sometimes feel like a full time job in itself!

Suggested core workshop content may include:

  • Overview of latest employment rights and responsibilities for the workplace
  • Advice and support on helping you resolve day to day people issues – staying within the law
  • Understanding the importance of procedures and documented records


Some managers hope difficult people and situations will just go away of their own accord!

Suggested core workshop content may include:

  • Understanding different behavioural styles: aggressive, assertive and passive
  • Tools and techniques to view a situation from others point of view
  • How to confidently manage yourself and stay calm even in challenging situations
  • Tips/techniques to manage a difficult conversation and take the heat out of it
  • Listening and effective questioning skills


Suggested core workshop content may include:

  • Understanding great leadership/management competencies. Undertake a self- assessment/review for your ongoing development
  • How to develop a breakthrough vision, strategy and plan for growth and success
  • Enhancing your communication skills, to achieve clear, 2 way communication – to help you understand and be understood
  • How to attract, recruit and retain talent
  • How to lead, manage and develop your team, to achieve optimum performance
  • Motivating and inspiring people to achieve results
  • Coaching skills to enhance individual/team performance
  • Managing performance and providing motivating feedback
  • Implementing strategies and plans to achieve outcomes


How to carry out motivating appraisal / reviews and help people to focus on the right things

Suggested core workshop content may include:

  • Understanding the core purpose of appraisal/review and what the process should involve
  • Review/revamp if appropriate, your current appraisal process, or introduce one that fits your organisation
  • How to set SMART objectives/goals that align to the needs of your business
  • Using questions and competencies to help you achieve two way conversation
  • Identifying learning and development priority needs in line with your business and arriving at the right learning solution


Suggested core workshop content may include:

  • Your audience
  • Confidence in structuring and planning
  • Delivery with impact


Strategic planning goes to the heart of what an organisation should do, why and how it should do it, and where it is going in the future.

Failing to think strategically will mean that an organisation will be reactive, vulnerable to threats and closed to opportunities.  Consider, how do you respond to the following questions?

  • Where are you now? How did you get there?
  • What business are you in, or should you be in? Where do you want to be in the future?
  • How are you going to get there? What do you need to do to get there?

This bespoke workshop aims to help top managers take a strategic approach to thinking about the future of your organisation.

The workshop acts as a roadmap and provides a framework for areas as suggested below:

  • Understanding the organisation’s position in the marketplace in respect of its competitors
  • Moving forward with a sense of direction and purpose to reach the organisation’s objectives
  • Focusing on key issues such as quality, productivity and customers
  • Improving communication and motivation throughout the organisation
  • Helping the organisation to evolve in order to deliver required results and profitability
  • Thinking through possible actions in the event of change.


“No Manager is perfect … but a truly effective team has the opportunity to be High Performing!”

Key topics you may wish to include:

  • The essential ingredients of High Performance Team Working.
  • Identifying the characteristics of High Performing Teams.
  • Why you need complementary team roles.
  • A review of your current stage of team development and agree what actions to take next.
  • What motivation is all about and many useful tips on how to ‘reward’ people in your team, help them feel valued and improve the overall performance of your team.
  • Developing techniques to overcome the barriers that inhibit team-working
  • Gain an understanding of what are your Team Building Blocks.
  • Developing techniques to overcome the barriers.
  • How you can make a good work relationship even better and a ‘not such good’ working relationship better.

All of the sessions topics are delivered in the context of agreeing what next steps you can take to move things forward.


The overall objectives of this workshop session are:

  • To help focus on activities that will help you/your team/your organisation achieve its goals and reduce time spent ‘fire fighting’.
  • We will look at principles and techniques to help accomplish what is really important and still lead a balanced life!

This is a bespoke workshop but it can provide tips and techniques to help you to:

  • Define tasks in terms of urgency and importance by using a simple technique.
  • Look at how to plan and identify what needs to be planned in for the future.
  • Focus on what is important – avoiding ‘time wasters’ and helping to manage any interruptions!
  • To include guidance on managing expectations with challenging deadlines.
  • To provide tips and guidance on managing large numbers of emails.
  • To support people in achieving a better work-life balance.
  • To give tips and guidance, to enable delegates to effectively manage and cope with work pressures and demands.
  • Identify some personal action points, to put ideas into practice back in the workplace.