Attracting And Retaining Good People – An Ongoing Challenge!

Attracting and retaining good people – an ongoing challenge!

Some statistics caught my eye recently. Only 6.2% of jobs advertised in UK mentions flexible working options (as per national study by Timewise and reported by HR Magazine).

Compare that with a staggering 14.1 million people in UK who suggest they want or need flexible work! If your business is currently fighting the ‘people talent war’ once again, perhaps you are missing out on a trick, by not appreciating how important flexibility is for people looking for a new role.

Whilst not every job can be done flexibly, it makes sense to decide which ones can be and clearly state this in your advert/other recruitment methods.

A key question for you to consider, when next employing:

To attract the best person, would you be prepared to offer some flexibility of where and when they work?

If so, you may be offering a key benefit that other employers they are considering, are not. That may well help you to not only attract but retain great people in your business!